Weekend Giveaway - 2k Airtime/data To The 10th, 20th And 40th Commenters.

Get it right Nigerians is here again with our weekend give away promo to all commenters.Yesterday we said we were sharing airtime to all Muslims on our page, but when Christians started converting to Muslims, we had to shelve the plan..... eh eh im sure some of you would under what that means. lol

Any ways we have converted the airtime to date for those who have not run away because they didn't win the 10k cash prize of Thursday [see here]


Two thousand Naira airtime or data bundle will be given to the 10th, 20th, and 40th commenters on any of the blog's articles.

If You are still in doubt, meet our previous winners . (CLICK HERE,   here, here, here, here, keep clicking and the list goes on)

NOTE : These comment space must a be reached for before each winner would be given their recharges or data bundles i.e if there is a 10th commenter without the 20th and 40th commenter, the prizes won't be given.

Until there is a 10th, 20th and 40th Commenter on the platform. This is done to enable equity.

Let the comments begin to roll in, invite friends to join to make your chances greater. Remember the more people we have, the more games we would motivated to play and the more you will gain also. 

If you are yet to join our fanpage or download our mobile app, then you should so now to make commenting easier for you. 

Good luck 

Weekend Giveaway - 2k Airtime/data To The 10th, 20th And 40th Commenters. Weekend Giveaway - 2k Airtime/data To The 10th, 20th And 40th Commenters. Reviewed by InoutNaija Staff on 07:25:00 Rating: 5


  1. Replies
    1. mr or mrs Anonymous you need to register an account for your own good pls

    2. How do I register please?

    3. The other profiles are not loading on my browser

  2. I do wish to win ��

  3. use an account, with a name on gmail, cos ananymous could be anybody

  4. Okay send me the recharge as i am here already

    1. you never comment for any post, we go just send you recharge cards, na jazz you de use?

    2. I'm enjoying the drama in here..lolz

    3. lol... Iam_DeoGrat!as we have not seen your invitees oh... you know say na you be baba for her now, so you have a responsibility towards us too.

    4. They are already here.. I have 2 already and still counting..

  5. na him be say me for don win all the cards since na, for engaging you guys on this post. lol. This is just an instruction post like the one we did for the 10k few days back

  6. It's a good ting Jare keep it up sis bless up 💯

  7. Good morning everyone, it's nice we are all here.
    Admin you are doing a great job to be sincere, God bless you more.


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