Game: Guess the Numbers and Win N1,000 Recharge Cards

So we are still celebrating our Award from the great University of Benin [See]... I already did alot of thanking those who truly own this award, those of you who have been reading and commenting on this blog, even when our site was down for days, you guys didn't give up, you kept tab on the site and resumed reading and commenting as soon as we were back. "THANK YOU" Now if you didn't receive any gift from me before now, its because you probably weren't online, i already shared the
50k cards I bought for those who were fast enough to grab the numbers, and i just have a few more to share and the rest of you may have to wait till month end to grab more. Meanwhile five people also got employment in Abuja courtesy this blog [two resumed yesterday, and 3 are set to resume next week, remaining only two placements which im yet to give out, but will be doing so this morning].

Also 10 students from the great University of Benin, would be receiving free blogging training from me starting from Monday next week [see]

So if you are reading, and still feel like dropping comments in this blog is a bother, well i no vex, but if your visiting alone wasn't paying, i probably would have stopped blogging by now. The truth is, when you drop comments on this blog, you make yourself available for future benefits you probably never imagined could be possible. I'm sure those who got jobs courtesy this blog, never even expected it, but all the same, they did get it. So if you are still having second thoughts, na you sabi, after all you comment on facebook, twitter, instagram, and others, any no one gives you penny for doing so.

Any ways back to our game, we are going to use this post to play our sweet little game. Im going to be dropping some recharge cards of N1,000 each, and take away the two digits, the first person to guess the two digits correctly, wins the card. multiple trials are allowed no shaking. Good luck to the winners. 

*****Ananymous people you are on your oh!

Game: Guess the Numbers and Win N1,000 Recharge Cards Game: Guess the Numbers and Win N1,000 Recharge Cards Reviewed by getitrightnigerians on 09:34:00 Rating: 5


  1. here is our first card for the game. the numbers are 6847 4680 680 -- 18. pls kindly make your number available as you drop your guess, so the recharge can be sent to you once you guess correctly.

  2. keep guessing... i really need someone to win so we can play some more

  3. Okpara you are very funny... i like your determination though

  4. okpara no need to continue, you were obviously determined to win and you have... oya send your number let me send you the code.

  5. Wow. Am glad. This is my number 09021300381. Thanks alot.

  6. Yeah yeah. Received. Kudos to getitrightnigerians. You Rock. But wait ooo 18 Really.

  7. Next 1 please, still haven't received mine.

  8. mayaki you have to watch out for the next one, but ofcourse regular visits and commenting are the only way to do that

  9. I can't wait for the next one.
    07035809336 #HIP


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