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Breaking News: Nat Geo Wild Discover Most Dangerous Snake Ever { A must Read}

Just yesterday on Nat Geo Wild, it was announced that a very DANGEROUS SNAKE had just been discovered. Scientists claim that the snake is an enhanced specie of the reptile family.

According to Nat Geo Wild, the snake increases 0.5cm in length every time it feeds and it feeds every 30 seconds or less. This particular snake cannot be killed or harmed by weapon except it bites itself. Surprising huh?

Scientists claim that's the only way it can be killed but researches are still ongoing to discover new ways this snake can be killed..
This is the most poisonous and deadliest snake ever recorded in the history of man.

This snake can only be found in Nokia torchlight mobile phone under game option, Snake Xenzia.

Thank you for wasting your precious time reading lolz. Nobody should attack me am not feeling fine ooo!

So miy friends have been pulling this joke on me, and i decided to share it with you guys


  1. Now science is lying a very big lie, the snake should enter acid or fire na.

  2. hmmn funny was actually reading with much interest wondering how long the snake will probably be by name until I got to paragraph referencing Nokia snake


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