Thanks Guys for Commenting, Time for Our Give Away

Happy Easter to you all my wonderful readers, and most especially those of you sparing no resources or time commenting, it is because of your contribution to our success that we remain in business.  

Now our offer for this month is N25,000 for 5 highest commentors for the month, so if you look below  you will notice i screened grabbed the comment widget so you all get to see your positions and know who is getting what.  

Aside the N5,000 for our highest 5 commentors, we also promised a hashtag of N200 per person you bring to the blog. The agreement was that your referrals wouldn't just register and leave, but they are supposed to keep commenting as well as invite others so we all can make more money. So in the light of the above, we shall put our bar at 20 comments, assuming the person you invited made one comment daily, which is actually supposed to be 31 comments, but lets be nice and put it at 20 comments so you all get something for your efforts. So you may kindly identify your referrals, so we can send you your money. 

For those who have been commenting effortlessly, im not happy that you are not getting anything this month, i wish i could help that, but not immediately, so i will suggest we all invite more people so we can increase the number of winners to maybe 7 or 10 pending on what the turn out looks like. You already know we also need to make this money so we can fulfill our promises, so the more people you invite, and the more you click on our adverts banners, the more our chances of giving out more. 

Thanks to all of you who believe in little beginnings, as you encourage us to grow, so shall you grow unhindered. God bless. 

Oya check your name and forward account details as we normally do. God bless 

Go here to see our Feb winners 

Thanks Guys for Commenting, Time for Our Give Away Thanks Guys for Commenting, Time for Our Give Away Reviewed by getitrightnigerians on 12:28:00 Rating: 5


  1. Wat!!!. My name appear twiceeee. I assume i am number one if so. Happy i won. Tank u very much ma.

    1. ACCT NAME: Okuna Rapheal
      ACCT NO: 3096854917

    2. I knw Odine I am joking. Dnt mind me

  2. Raphael even if u add dem,u will have 592 points and be third

  3. One is Raphael while the other is Rapheal

    ACCT. NO: 0214190455

  5. FCMB 1685914010

    #Juliet Obi
    #Goodness Ofedo
    #Princess Asiha
    #Celestine Simon
    #Love Mbah
    #Laura Ughara
    #Sophia Ughara
    #Akowe Fred Jacobz
    #Ugo Amaechi

  6. Laura, the rules are clear you either appear among top 5 or you invite people to join the comment for N200 each, which is also accumulated and paid out at the end of the month. as you can seen in the screen shots, not one is getting what he or she did not work for, life is give and take, we keep to our promises, but you must also commit to them. thanks

  7. I hear @Admin, network is also a problem oh. All the same keep the good work on.

    1. Laura i dropped a post on the blog for you guys, i want everybody to suggest our new payout, since this my method is robbing some people of their efforts coupled with bad network and no light in naija. so pls lets have your suggestions in the new post. Important Notice!!!

  8. Account number:0016156295. Account name: ohalete Festus uzoamaka. Stanbic ibtc bank,owerri. Thank you.


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