Secondus Promises Internal Democracy

By Bisi Eezekiel

A leading chairmanship aspirant of the Peoples Democratic Party ,Prince Uche Secondus has assured party members and supporters nationwide that the party under his watch will enforce internal democracy.
In a statement by the media unit of the Uche Secondus Campaign Organisation, the former Acting National Chairman said his mantra and ideology as a chairman will revolve around democratic norms in the management of party from chapter leadership to fielding of candidates for elective offices.

"Internal democracy strengthens a political party; it is the essential oil for the survival of any party organization.We will not joke with the rights of our members to decide on issues in line with the constitution of the party.

"We will ensure the party constitution is adhered to in both letters and spirit.As a leading opposition party ,this mantra of internal democracy is a must for us especially in our drive to take over governance of the country by 2019.We need all leaders and members on board to build a mass movement that will unseat this failed government.”

“We are fully aware of the state of our party especially across the state chapters.We will consolidate on the good and make amends on what is bad. Our members will have their voice respected from the smallest of decisions to the biggest.Never will our members be taken for granted under my leadership",the statement noted.

While commending the pact of unity signed in Enugu, the campaign organisation emphasised that "any living being like an organisation must place the will of its members as sacrosanct adding, "we have a pact apart from the one signed in Enugu.”

"It is a pact with PDP members nationwide that Prince Secondus will be a chairman for all and sundry, for the rich and the poor, for the weak and the strong, for the high and the low. We hold this pledge to be very dear to us because that is where our path to victory and return to power lie”, the statement noted.

"How can you win election of you don't listen to your members? How can you govern successfully if you alienate your members? For us, the people are the most essential ingredent of a successful party organisation. I assure our delegates and members that they will remain invaluable before, during and after the convention”, the statement concluded.

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