6 Mouth-Watering European Cuisines To Enjoy

Europe is indeed home to some of the tastiest food in the world. Excite your taste buds and widen your ‘culinary horizon’ with some of these delicious European cuisines. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency, shares 6 European cuisines to enjoy.


This is one of the most popular fast food versions of sausage in Germany. This delicious meal can be bought with or without the skin of the sausage; if you want it with skin you order ‘mit darm’ and if you want it without ‘ohne darm’. The meal is usually served with ketchup and curry powder sprinkled on top, and it is best eaten with fries and a cola.


This is well-known mouthwatering cuisine is popularly associated with the country of Italy. If you’ve never tried Italian pizza then you absolutely need to, especially the ones served in Naples. Be sure to get try their Gelato (Italian ice cream) alongside the pizza, it will indeed be a culinary experience too memorable for your taste buds to ever forget.


This Hungarian dish consists of thickened stew (or sometimes soup) with meat and vegetables, seasoned with paprika. It’s a simple and sumptuous meal that has been eaten by Hungarians for centuries. It’s best served in a bread bowl with chilled beer.


This is a type of thin pastry popularly eaten by the French. It is typically made from wheat flour or buckwheat flour. Wheat batter is made and fried for a few seconds, then savoury fillings are added to it as desired before it is served either hot or warm as part of breakfast or dessert. It’s quite easy to prepare and is incredibly tasty.


These are pancakes from Czech Republic that bear some semblance to the French ‘Crepe’. It is often served as desert, and is popularly filled with fruit jam and served rolled up. Palancinky can of course be enjoyed with any of Czech Republic’s varieties of pilsner beers.

This Bulgarian cuisine is a mixture of eggs, Bulgarian feta cheese and filo pastry baked in an oven. It can served hot or cold and is typically eaten as breakfast, but it can really be eaten anytime of the day. There are a lot of special bakeries dedicated to making ‘Banista’ throughout Bulgaria as it’s a popular meal of choice in the country.
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