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Meet This Mechanophiliac That Has S3x With His Car

A British man named Darius Monty suffers from a sexual condition known as Mechanophilia.
Mechanophilia is when one is sexually attracted to machines such as bicycles, motor vehicles, helicopters, ships, and aeroplanes.

The 35-year-old pub boss admitted that he loves having sex with his X-Type Jaguar, which he calls Goldie.

He said he referred to his motor, “Goldie”, as his girlfriend which he enjoys having sex with than his girlfriend who left him over the same issue.

Darius said “I didn’t choose this but I have fallen for a car, just like other people fall for women.

“I find her arousing, I love spending time with her and she is very important to me. I don’t see her as an object, I look at her and I see my lover.”

Any Mechanophiliac in the house?

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