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Leo DiCaprio Also Donates $1m For Hurricane Harvey Relief

Leo DiCaprio has just donated $1 million for Hurricane Harvey relief just like Sandra Bullock.

Leo's foundation gave the money to the United Way Harvey Recovery Fund which is meant to be used for both short and long-term relief.

United Way says the entire amount will go to help victims of the epic storm. Pls who is donating to the flood in Makurdi? [see here]


  1. May God bless the donors.. Heal the world and make it is a better place!

  2. Nice 1,i hope we can donate to Benue victims too

  3. Getitnigerians First SonThursday, 31 August, 2017

    See money ohhhh.. nice one oga

  4. May GOd torch other rich people so dat dey will learn to give, God bless de donours. for dat ur question let De Mayo take care of it even state can handle dat


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