Lagos Judge Sent Lawyer To Prison For Chasing Wife With Cutlass

A Lagos female Judge, Mrs K.O. Doja-Ojo displayed uncanny courage by sentencing a Lagos lawyer for contempt of court after it was confirmed he used
cutlass and chased his wife away from their matrimonial home on the matter before her court.

The lawyer, Barrister Paul Osuigwe was sentenced and jailed for one month without an option of fine and he was remanded at the Ikoyi prison where he served out his prison sentence.

The incident happened at a family court at Magbo area of Lagos where Dajo-Ojo was the presiding judge handling the matter between the couple, Paul and his wife, Golda over family rift.

Sources reports the embattled wife who was also non practicing legal practitioner, dragged her husband to the family court for maltreating her and their four children and destroyed her business.

It was gathered that when the matter came up at the court, the presiding judge ordered the parties to maintain peace pending the determination of the matter in court.

However, the wife alleged that Paul got home, brought out a cutlass to attack her and she fled with her children. And since then, they have not returned to the house and were homeless.

When the matter was brought to the notice of the court, their children also testified that their father actually used cutlass to attack their mother and chased them away.

The court found Paul guilty of contempt and sentenced him accordingly.

The embattled couple met during their days at the university where both studied law, got married and had children. However, 15 years after, the marriage broke down and they were no longer in love over counter allegations between them.

The wife thereafter went to the mediation centre to report her husband for possible settlement but it got worse as the husband was said to have been adamant and refused to take care of the family.

The centre then brought the matter before the court to determine, but Paul seemed to be uncooperative and attacked the victim.

Golda who confirmed the incident had cried out for assistance over her condition and that of their children. She claimed that the husband abandoned the whole responsibility to her and she had no job again for now.

She narrated that her husband invaded the private school she was running, chased the students away and shut the school. And she had been squatting for over two years.

When Paul was earlier contacted concerning the matter on phone, he declined to speak and switched off his phone.


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