How to react to unexpected weight gain‏‎

 By Joseph T. Helle

Have you ever looked at the mirror and noticed that you had gained some weight?
You couldn't go out, because then people would see you?
Would it make you panic and worry you about your social and sex life?
In this post, we l show you how to actively re-think this weight gain using these steps below.

1. Say it, out loud, to people. 
The last thing anyone wants to admit to is gaining weight. We've turned it into a crime on par with drunk driving (with five kids in the car and no seat belts). But, saying it out loud makes you realize that you are not a toddler-killer and this is not a crime; it's a totally normal thing that happens in life sometimes. 

2. Ignore the panic.
Ask yourself: When has panic made anything better? Thanks to the aforementioned cultural conditioning, panic becomes an unfortunately normal reaction to weight gain. So, keep your eye out for panic, and when it shows up, say hello and go about your business. Treat panic like your obnoxious Uncle Crazy at Thanksgiving. He's going to hang around all day and run his mouth, but you don't have to listen to that nonsense.

3. Get curious.
Once you've de-escalated the weight-gain, get curious about what might have caused it. Has something changed in your life recently? Is anything else happening with your body? 
by asking  yourself and answering this questions  , surely  you will figure out the reasons of weight gain
4. Treat the cause, not the symptom. 
Now that you fully recognize the cause, you can treat it, healthfully — rather than panic over the symptom.  Make an effort to change the routine or at least get over the couple things that caused the gain in the first place.
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