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PLEASE HELP!! My Boyfriend Took An Oath With Another Girl And Is Now Stucked In

Finally he decided to speak up when I took a decision to end the relation since everything I did never stopped him from being with this girl who has been like a virus in my 3 yrs relationship. He said it's more than him.

That he was dating dis girl since from back home for many yrs. The girl travelled yrs b4 he did. They continued dating When he came but because they were in different cities the relation wasn't steady but they never broke up.

When i came here he lied he wasnt dating, we started dating. He says he got into a blood oath with this girl and that they are linked by their families since from backhome.

The oath was dat they could do whatever they wanted with their lives but had to get married to only one another. He says he doesn't love her anymore but he doesnt know how to get out of this.

 The worst thing is the girl does not want to let go of him. I really love him and don t want to lose him. sad . Please I need ur advice.


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  1. I just dy laugh for where I dy


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