Nigerian man who just discovered he is a Twin is desperately searching for his twin brother

As shared by Adeshola Olokesusi. Read below.

Dear fellow Nigerians, My name is Adeshola Olokesusi, I'm an indigen of Ilesa, Osun State, Nigeria. Let me begin by thanking God for giving me this opportunity to share something that have became a misery of my life with you guys. 

Ever since I discovered that I'm actually a Twin and that my other Twin brother is alive since all this time, my life have not been the same cos It has been so hard growing up alone without him so you can imagine what I've been going through every single moment of my life knowing that my other half is out there and probably been looking for me but didn't know how to get across to me or have no knowledge of my existence.

Many of my friends have told me on several occasions that they run across someone that look exactly like me, very identical and they met him sometimes on the road, or at shops but they thought it was me and that I was just making pranks as if i didn't know them.

Sadly, it was only after they told me of many of such occurrences that made me summon the courage to ask some critical questions from my Mother about my life and if I was actually a Twin, the answer I got not surprising, cos the answer itself was self revealing, I am more than convinced and very sure that my Twin brother is living somewhere around the country therefore, I strongly believe we have been separated during birth for some reasons, I know many of you will wonder why? what my Mom told me was that immediately she puts to bed, a drug was given to her which made her fall asleep when she was about to delivering her second Baby, therefore she couldn't tell what happened until this very day, she fears for her life and reprisal if she dares question the Hospital too much so she has kept silent all this time, one thing she was certain about was that something didn't add up in Doctor's narration of events.

My Mom knew she gave birth to twins but that the Doctor told her that the other Baby was a placental, that is why I'm keen to find the truth.

Kindly get across to this line if you have came across him or have seen someone who looks like me, that's my picture on the post, it could also be that you know someone that I resemble, whichever way please contact us on 07067283687 or 09069678736 or Email:[email protected], kindly share this info among your friends and friend of friends and as you do so, may God bless you all.

This post was sponsored by another Twin Brothers(Taiye Habibulahi Shittu and Kehinde Muftau Shittu), who have personally met with the aggrieved Twin and is helping him to locate his twin brother
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