Why You Should Not Buy a One-way Ticket

A one-way ticket is a ticket that allows a passenger to travel only to their destination, without returning. Although buying a one-way ticket is pocket-friendly, there are certain situations or circumstances that warrant you to buy a roundtrip ticket if you do not want your trip to be cancelled or have a bad experience. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency, discuss the situations you should not buy a one-way ticket.
Visiting visa

Whether you are visiting a friend or a family member, you should buy a roundtrip ticket because you have to return to your home country. This is because you do not have the legal requirements to stay. So, if you do not want to live like a fugitive, it is advisable to book a two-way ticket.

Not a visa-free country

Nigerians have the opportunity to travel to about 45 countries around the world without a visa. Some of these countries include Bangladesh, Cape Verde, Chad, Cameroon, Burkina Faso, Barbados and Benin Republic among others. If it is not a visa country, do not book a one-way ticket.

Student visa that is less than one-year

It is relatively 'easy' to be granted a student visa when compared with other forms of visa. This said, if your student visa is less than one year, it is best to purchase a roundtrip ticket. This may be due to the fact that your educational pursuit in your country of destinations will end within a year.

Work permit less than a year
A work permit is a permission to take a job within a foreign country. If you get this approval and it is less than a year, you should just buy a two-way ticket to avoid any immigration hiccups.

You are not permanent resident/citizenship

It is easier for a permanent resident or citizen to travel in and out of a foreign country without being challenged. But questions will be raised if you are not a permanent resident and you are presenting a one-way ticket. The airport officials will think that you want to abscond when you arrive at your destination and they may not allow you to board or travel.
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