"Why PDP Will Return to Power In 2019" - Hajia Myriam Inna Ciroma

A former Minister of Women Affairs and aspirant for the office of Deputy National Chairman (North) of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Hajia Myriam Inna Ciroma, has said Nigerians will not hesitate to vote for the party in 2019 elections because of the ugly experience they have had in the hands of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

The wife of the former Minister of Finance and elder statesman, Adamu Ciroma, described the defeat suffered by the party in the 2015 presidential election as a blessing in disguise.
According to her, the development has enabled Nigerians to experience life under a different political party, the APC and has given them chance to see the difference.

Speaking in an interview with THISDAY in Abuja, Ciroma said Nigerians are now urging for the PDP to return to power, adding that come 2019, the electorate who are now better informed, would vote for a PDP candidate.

Ciroma said she is seeking for the office of the Deputy National Chairman (North) at the Saturday’s national convention of the PDP so as to help reposition the party to be able to deliver good governance to Nigerians from 2019.

On how the party can get back to power, she said: “First and foremost, everybody knows that PDP is the party to beat, everybody knows that it is the party formed by Nigerians and it has more cohesion and has existing structures everywhere in Nigeria.

“We were able to be in power for the past 16 years but I can tell you very proudly that PDP has done so much for this country. Those who will say that PDP has done nothing are just playing politics.

“It was a good thing that PDP lost in that election because now, we are feeling the pinch; Nigerians are feeling the pinch. PDP is the party to beat because it is the party that is in every part of Nigeria. That was why we were in power for 16 years.

“Nigerians have seen the difference and they are saying we have seen the difference. Nigerians are saying let’s go back to the PDP. Ordinary Nigerians are asking PDP to come back,” she stated.

Going down memory lane, Inna Ciroma said: “The dream of the founding fathers, I know what they stand for; I know what they wish for Nigeria and I know when the politicians irrespective of where they come from, irrespective of their religious persuasions, politicians decided they will be in one party and the Nigerian military will be one party so that can now confront them squarely.

“When they were kicked out of office in 1984 and they were all clamped in the prisons in Kririkiri, there was no difference whether you are from the conservative or progressive party, all were politicians and so they clamped together.

“It was from there that they came up with forming a national party, accepted by everybody. That when they formed the G-34 and the group came up with a robust policy, a nationally accepted grassroots policy and that was the name of the party became the PDP and the umbrella means that it can take everybody.

“So I know the ideals and the reason why this party was formed and now we are having some challenges and I felt that knowing the history of this party and having participated in mainstreaming of this party and having also participated in governance in Nigeria I have what it takes to help reposition our party, that is the reason for my aspiration to become the national deputy chairman (North).

Asked if she wasn’t intimidated in the male-dominated world of politics, Ciroma responded: “Do I look like someone that can be intimidated? I grew up within a political movement. If I could chair a governing board in Nigeria, why not in politics?” she asked rhetorically.

Ciroma who noted that behind every successful man is his wife, vowed that with the support of her husband and elder statesman, Mallam Ciroma; the sky would be her limit.

“I am a professional politician and politics is a career I have chosen. If my husband does not have problem with that, I don’t see why someone else should be worried,” she said.
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