What To Know About Dr. Fadeyi: OAP Toke Makinwa’s Rumored Billionaire Sugar Daddy

Toke Makinwa & Dr. Festus A Fadeyi have been trending lately. Check out this article from gistmaniaa.com. This article was written about a month ago before this recent story about the man’s children:

“Leave Our Father Alone” – Children Of Billionaire Festus Fadeyi Warn Toke Makinwa

Ladies and gentlemen, I am sorry for my many articles on the sexcapades of Nigerian big girls and slaymama; I’m just trying to clarify the notion passed unto younger girls that some sort of lifestyle could result in getting so much money that you would be spending unlimitedly on shopping spree without even owning a house of your own or so. This piece is about our own dearest harrods and selfridges shopping vlogger aunty Toke Makinwa. Aside from being “cheated” on in a hush-hush marriage, Toke’s other claim to fame was her numerous social outing and some few (1 or 2) years of being a radio presenter with Toolz, Daddy Freeze, Dotun etc – the so-called OAP gang.

I know you already figured out where I am heading to like a Nollywood movie, with all of the introduction, How a retired radio presenter is able to afford such a flashy lifestyle of continious shopping spree in London, Paris and New York on major international designer brands like Louis Vuitton, Varsace and Gucci (not the entry level o, the top, the kind of ones worn by Beyonce and first ladies of other countries). Well, my Gistmanians, it is exactly what you are thinking at this point, like Kiran and Jyoti matharoo, Toke has been enjoying the perks of being an attractive young lady hustling ‘hard’ in Lagos, her expensive lifestyle has been bankrolled by a 70-something years old, heavily indebted, 6 month staff salary owing billionaire chairman of Pan Ocean Oil Nigeria Limited, Dr. Festus A. Fadeyi.

Thats a Naijapals exclusive, Dr. Fadeyi is in his 70s but he enjoys how Toke Makinwa makes him feel and she is steadily embracing all the goods that comes with her unique relationship with the old father, and grandfather. Despite Owing Nigerian banks over N190BN and not paying his staff salary running over 6 months, Naijapals has learnt Toke Makinwa and her wants/needs/desires are priority to Festus Fadeyi, infact we can conclude that she holds his mumu button and she pushes it whenever she wants. Do not be carried away with the smoke screen of her Vlogs or inspirational quotes on how she was ones poor and no-one believed she would make it etc – those are just cliche slangs of your regular slaymama. Slaying as Naijapals has learnt is a heavy trade on the street on Lagos these days as there are many super rich billionaires that do not find an inch of happiness from their many wives and have resorted to taking care of young socialites who inturn render their services, lets just say, it is a modernized version of Olosho. People in the knowing, have told that Toke is seeking to swim with the sharks and whales in the game, the likes of Toyin Lawani and Freda Francis, these girls are super big girls in the Lagos social scene and they are pulling major major stunts with the power of there juicy pumpum, and word is that, our dear Freda Francis is right on top of the food chain – sort of position, Kiran and Jyoity Matharoo occupied before they were ousted. There you have it Gistmanians, if you no get money, hide your face!

What To Know About Dr. Fadeyi: OAP Toke Makinwa’s Rumored Billionaire Sugar Daddy  What To Know About Dr. Fadeyi: OAP Toke Makinwa’s Rumored Billionaire Sugar Daddy Reviewed by getitrightnigerians on 19:43:00 Rating: 5

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