'PDP Can Never Come Back to Power' - Orji Uzor Kalu says

APC Chieftain and former Abia state governor, Orji Uzor Kalu, agrees with the Minister of Informatuion and Culture, Lai Mohammed, who believes that PDP will never return to power. In a recent interview with journalists at the private wing of the Murtala Mohammed International Airport, Lagos, Orji said if Nigerians knew the magnitude of looting that took place in NNPC during the last administration, they will not allow any of the looters leave Nigeria via the airport or any other route. Orji strongly believes that PDP will never bounce back.

“How can they bounce back when the treasury was looted? How can they bounce back when the international community doesn’t see anything good in them? How can they bounce back when we gave them our treasury, they opened and looted it. We would call names if they want us to call names in future. All the world powers knew what happened and this is why they tactically insisted that PDP must leave power. PDP committed what was very shameful to have been seen in a democratic process. There is no system that is not without corruption but going to loot is an affront to the Nigerian people. They opened the treasury and looted it. President Buhari has been restrained by some world powers not to open up what happened in the NNPC. If Nigerians know what happened in NNPC, those people would not pass through this airport, people would not leave them. What they did is what ears should not even hear. How can they come back? They will definitely go into oblivion, they would never win election again in Nigeria unless they change their name.”

The former governor also stated that contrary to the believe in some quarters, President Buhari is not interested in having an automatic ticket to run as APC's presidential candidate in the 2019 election. Recall that few days ago, APC National leader, Bola Tinubu, stated that Presidnet Buhari will not be given an automatic ticket come 2019 and that the process for having a presidential candidate for the party will follow electoral guidelines.

In the interview, Kalu said president Buhari is a man that is fair in what he does and that he would follow due process if he wants to run for a second term.

'Buhari himself is not even looking for automatic ticket. Buhari is a man that is very fair in what he does. And his feeling is that if any candidate is willing to contest against him, he should come to the Eagle Square. And some schools of thought are saying, ‘No, if in the United States, Obama was given automatic ticket, for President Clinton was given automatic ticket, the first and second Bush were each given automatic ticket. So President Buhari is also feeling that automatic ticket for him is not right. He said open the space for other people who also want to contest. He wants the openness of the primary to take place. The contest should be thrown open. There would be no rancour. We are in a democracy and I would vote for the president. I’ve said it times without number that President Buhari needs to consolidate on his achievements because the President is very popular. He is still the only person carrying 12 million votes on his back. His tenure has been besieged by illness. So the President genuinely deserves second tenure. We are not afraid of anybody who wants to contest against the president' he said
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