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Nurse leaves her own wedding to attend to patient while still wearing her wedding gown

A dedicated nurse left her own wedding reception to attend to a patient while still dressed in her wedding gown.

Yazmin Dominguez had just said her vows when she was alerted to an urgent medical problem with one of her patients. She made her excuses to her new husband and guests and excused herself from the wedding party to rush to the patient's bedside.

Mrs Dominguez was pictured still in her wedding dress, giving her patient an injection. After she was done attending to her patient, she returned to her reception holding on a ranch in the town of Paraiso in the southern Mexican state of Tabasco.

The photo of her tending to her patient in her bridal gown spread wildly on social media and people praised her for her action. It is not clear why the patient suddenly needed Mrs Dominguez rather than any other nurse.

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