A 13-Year-Old Boy Gives Part Of His School Fees To Ice Cream Seller (Photos)

"Train up a child the way to grow, for he/she will not depart from it when grown up"

My almost 13 years old first Son- Edosa Daniel Ugbo, yesterday (16/11/2017) asked me to withdraw certain amount of money from his school bank account to give to the ice cream seller that normally come to his school to sell ice cream and I asked him why?

Do you know the man before? And he answered and said "Daddy, I don't need to know him bcoz I have seen you severally helping and fighting for people you don't know" I was shocked at his response and I was like "Our children are watching us".

My prayer for you my Son......

"There are so many devices in a man's heart, nevertheless the counsel of the lord that shall stand. Your life will never follow the plans of your enemies. You shall add values to your generation. In Jesus mighty name. Amen!!!."

"What shall it profit a man to gain the whole world and loss his soul" We didn't come to this world with anything and when we die nothing will be buried with us but our good name and deeds will be remembered.

What will you be remembered for ?
Politicians get some sense!!!

Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo State recently used billions of naira to build the statue of some Africa Leaders in the State Capital Owerri when he could have used the money to build a State owned plastic industry or any other industry that will create employment for his people and that will put food on their table.

I am Curtis Eghosa Ugbo and I just want a better Oredo LGA cum Edo State cum Nigeria for the masses of the people. 
A 13-Year-Old Boy Gives Part Of His School Fees To Ice Cream Seller (Photos) A 13-Year-Old Boy Gives Part Of His School Fees To Ice Cream Seller (Photos) Reviewed by InoutNaija Staff on 16:05:00 Rating: 5

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