UNN students brutalized and thrown out of their hostel (Photos)

Some female students of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, who are observing their Industrial Training, have been thrown out of their hostel this morning.

Iloka C. Isabella who was one of the affected students took to Facebook to share photos and wrote;

“Around 11am today, the hostel supervisor of #Isakaita_hostel_Unn used bell to go around the hostel, telling students that he was giving us 30minutes to pack out. We explained that most of us which are in the hostel doing our industrial training either in the Farm, in the case of Agriculture students or in schools as in the case of Education students. He insisted that he was only giving us 30 minutes to pack out.

To where, he didn’t say. We told him to give us time, so that those that went to farm can come back.
PS: we paid 1k for the temporary accommodation.
He said he was going to call security for us, in less than 10minutes, #unn_security came and started beating and kicking girls out of the hostel. They were shouting on us, calling us all kinds of degrading names, their favorite being #prostitutes.

You will find attached, pictures of the proof of their animality and brutality towards #UNN_STUDENTS.

PS: When I was taking the pictures, one of them approached me to forcefully collect my phone. I told him that I was a house of rep member and we will get him sacked.

They entered their car and left with their tail between their legs”

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