Yemi Alade Is A Disappointment To Africa- Togolese Activist

Nigerian singer, Yemi Alade is currently under fire from Togolese fans for endorsing political tyranny in Togo. A Togolese activist, identified as Farida Nabourema has expressed her disappointment at the singer for supporting dictatorship following the crisis in Togo between the ruling class and the ruled.
According to the activist, she used to like the singer but felt disappointed after spotting her singing to support one of the ‘most brutal dictators in Africa’.

However, she claims that Yemi Alade has been paid to help sustain oppression in Togo rather than leverage on the opportunity she has as an entertainer to better the lives of her fans.

“because they paid her couple of hundreds thousands of dollars we were like this lady is just a disappointment and i am so angry and mad at her that i swear if i see her on the street, i am going to curse her, because these are people who are feeding on the suffering of others. They are embellishing the image of a brutal dictator just for couple of thousands of dollars that they won’t even need.

These your fans love you genuinely for what you do but it doesn’t mean they are stupid. It’s not because they love your song that you will tell them that when they are hungry they should eat sand. It doesn’t work like that, by doing that you are betraying your fans and you are helping sustain oppression and that is happening in Togo.

It’s unfortunate that the entertainers and the athletes that we have in Africa do not see themselves as having the kind of leverage that they can use to better the lives of their fans but on the contrary, they use it to sustain the abuse of their fans and that is quite unfortunate.”
Yemi Alade Is A Disappointment To Africa- Togolese Activist Yemi Alade Is A Disappointment To Africa- Togolese Activist Reviewed by InoutNaija Staff on 22:47:00 Rating: 5

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