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Robert Mugabe blasts President Trump at UN, calls him a Goliath who wants extinction of other nations

  Zimbabwean President, Robert Mugabe, who seem not to like President Donald Trump’s move lately, slammed the United States President at the 72nd United Nations General Meeting, who he likened to Biblical Goliath.

The 93-year-old President who has never been a big fan of Western leaders due to their push for a more democratic Zimbabwe, boasted that Africa will, again “defeat the monster of imperialism”, like they did a long time ago.

Mugabe, who voiced particular concern over Trump’s policy and ideologies and even asked his audience if they have not been feeling the return of Goliath to their midst.
He said;

“Some of us were embarrassed, if not frightened, by what appeared to be the return of the biblical Giant Gold Goliath. Are we having a return of Goliath to our midst, who threatens the extinction of other countries? And may I say to the United States president, Mr Trump, please blow your trumpet – blow your trumpet in a musical way towards the values of unity, peace, co-operation, togetherness, dialogue, which we have always stood for and which are well-writ in our very sacred document, the Charter of the United Nations.

We have resisted it when it was in the form of imperialism as we fought for our own independence, our own culture, our own sovereignty to be masters of our own destiny. That’s why we call ourselves free today because the monster of imperialism was defeated by us.”
Mugabe’s speech was welcomed with a resounding applause in the hall as two junior US diplomats listened expressionlessly.
Here’s the video below;


  1. Mugabe is one of the fearless and strongest president Africa ever has.. I wish all the rest can be at least half as fearless as Mugabe

  2. Mugabe should not even interfere into Americans

    1. Why? He has been interfering since the time immemorial. He is one of the reasons america still respect africa


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