Nnamdi Kanu Is Running An Illegal Govt - Lauretta Onochie Defends Python Dance

Presidential aide, Lauretta Onochie has defended the Federal government's decision to launch 'Operation Python dance II' in the south eastern part of Nigeria.
Onochie, in a facebook post, pointed out that the leader of the Indigenous people of Biafra(IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu as running an 'illegal government' and seems to have ties with 'a country where arms and ammunition seized by the Nigerian Custom originated from'. She wrote;

"I now understand why Ohaneze Ndigbo has been unable to stand on solid ground but rather has been on sandy soil regarding Nnamdi Kanu. What is driving their stand? I believe they are being tossed about by every wind of doctrine because of fear of reprisals from little Nnamdi Kanu's boys.

In 2015, at the beginning of the Buhari administration, and following the example of Anioma people of Nigeria, other ethnic groups in the South South, and socio-cultural organisations in the South East, including Ohaneze, distanced themselves from the actions of notorious Nnamdi Kanu and his IPOB. Not many people doubted that IPOB was a merchant of terror that tried to use fear, abuses, outright lies, manipulation of the truth and insults to colonise Ndigbo in something that is akin to modern day slavery.

It is common knowledge but hush hush that South Easterners were being forced to fly the Biafran flag and to wear Biafra memorabilia. There have been threats to lives and properties across the South East, and threats of rape to women who shun their hate campaign.

For starters, Ohaneze Ndigbo is an association that was registered in Nigeria to represent the interests of Ndigbo of Nigeria. That is why it is called Ohaneze Ndigbo and not Ohaneze Ndi-IPOB or Ohaneze Ndi Biafra!
How has the Ohaneze helped terrified Ndigbo who are living in fear for their lives and properties in the South East of Nigeria? They haven't because they themselves have been terrified.

I have confirmed, via personal interviews of South Easterners who live in Onitsha and Aba, that there was a great sigh of relief when the Nigerian Army was seen in the region. Ndigbo who live in their ancestral homes in the South East, are for the first time in two years, breathing a sigh of relief and freedom.

You see, little Nnamdi Kanu, a college dropout, is immature and childish. The South East governors know and appreciate this fact. This was why he was asked to come with his father to attend a meeting with them.
If Nnamdi Kanu needs his father to attend a meeting of leaders, how mature are those who see him not just as their leader, but as their God?

These mostly uneducated, half baked and uncouth youngsters, went about the South East, intimidating ordinary Ndigbo, threatening them with death and violence if they refused to kiss Nnamdi Kanu's toes.

If the IPOB leader and his cohorts learned a good lesson from The Python dance {1} by turning away from their ways, there would be no need for a second Python dance. When your brother is in trouble, the least you could do is to support him. The Python dance is not just for the freedom of Ohaneze, so they can have a sound footing, and advocate fearlessly for ordinary Ndigbo, but also, for ordinary Ndigbo so they can associate freely. No one should have to be in danger or live in fear for not supporting a criminal agenda in a free country.

As an Igbo woman put it, "If Ndigbo need to renegotiate their membership of Nigeria, it will be a discussion and that discussion will not be led by disenchanted politicians and definitely not by Nnamdi Kanu."

The Nigerian Army has come to the South East to exercise it's duty towards Ndigbo who have been held captive by the fear, not of some foreign aggressors, but of some youngsters who act under the manipulations and brain-washing by one who is delusional. Anyone who suffers from delusions of grandeur or megalomania should not be left running wild among law-abiding people.

I do not understand those who are calling on the Nigerian Army to stop the Python dance. Nnamdi Kanu is running an illegal government in our nation, complete with his own Army, Police, Secret service, Anthem, coat of arms, passport and currency. If that is not an affront on our collective existence, I don't know What is.
Nnamdi Kanu appears to have a tie with a country where arms and ammunition seized by the Nigerian Custom originated from.

Nigerians and in particular, Ndigbo in this case, deserve to carry out their lawful engagements, without fear of molestation.We must, therefore, thank the Nigerian Army for coming to the aid of Nigerians in the South East and safeguarding them from the antics of a very sick young man.God bless Nigeria."
Nnamdi Kanu Is Running An Illegal Govt - Lauretta Onochie Defends Python Dance Nnamdi Kanu Is Running An Illegal Govt - Lauretta Onochie Defends Python Dance Reviewed by InoutNaija Staff on 10:13:00 Rating: 5


  1. Madam don't say like that, is it only in Eastern part that need Python dance. Still talk about the Northern part that has been killing for decades

  2. I'm actually not expecting anything less from that woman. Posterity will judge you all


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