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'Many women cause domestic violence by their actions' – Commissioner for Women Affairs in Lagos, Lola Akande, says

Lagos State Commissioner for Women Affairs and Poverty Alleviation (WAPA), Lola Akande, has said that many women, by their actions, are the cause of some of the cases of domestic violence recorded in the state and by extension, in Nigeria.

Akande said this at a programme on Management of Domestic Violence, organised by the ministry in Lagos today. She was represented at the programme by Mrs Olushola Falana, Director, Women Development Department, WAPA.

According to her, negligence, sophistication, misguided utterances, infidelity, use of abusive words and gullibility on the part of the women, are some of the actions women display that induce domestic violence.

“It is no longer news that many women have lost their lives through domestic violence. The more we try to put the blame on the men folk, the more we will continue to turn blind eyes to the fact that many women are the cause of the domestic violence we see today. This is because we fail to understand some important aspects of how most men are wired. Some women also cause violence by using abusive words and misguided utterances that can provoke the men. But let me also state that a man who beats a woman is a beast, and does not deserve to live with humans. No matter how provoked you may be as a man, please, never raise your hand to beat your wife, ” she said 

Hmmm, this one na wahala she want cause so... women don't like hearing that they have anything to do with their predicaments. Still no excuse for hitting anyone. Do you agree?


  1. Yes, the woman is right.. Some women are so terrible in provoking man

  2. Partially,not all women. Most men especially in africa turns their wives to slave

  3. Getitnigerians First SonThursday, 31 August, 2017

    See her mouth wey she take dey talk am...phew

  4. Yes some woman are at fault Domestic violence but men are likely at fault African Men have always had dis feeling dat dey are superior Dan Woman dere by not giving a woman De chance to do her own will in such case dis is when de woman might try to be stubborn and it will lead to fight and all dat


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