A MUST READ - Some Things Car Dealers Do Not Tell Their Prospective Customers

Here are some things car dealers won't tell their customers.
Accidented cars: This is self explanatory. Dealers would not open up to a novice who wants to purchase a car. The customer would be left with getting the accidented car and facing the challenges that might arise from buying it.

Converted ( from right-hand to left-hand drive): So many people in Nigeria do not know that cars are being converted as they come in. Some come are right hand, while most, left hand which fits our road network and operation. This conversation has some disadvantages.

Car dealers handle this conversation prior bringing it to the stand for sales. Though, the conversation may not be obvious, but the hidden truth will surely surface. Example, a tokunbo converted car will give out a strange vibration of jerking experience after 6 months use or less, depending on the usage. A whole lot of disadvantages are there.

Odometer reading : Falsification of the mileage reading of cars has been the order of the day by dealers. There's actually a device which when plugged to a certain part of a vehicle, helps roll back the mileage of vehicles. Most times New cars have a certain odometer reading which are not always high. But how can you decide to sell a Tokunbo car whose odometer is lower than that of a new one? AYEW A WITCH OR WIZARD?

The main reason for selling a particular vehicle : Here's when you've decided to be drenched in the showers of lies. Here's when you'd be familiar with the word "trust me". And whenever you hear that word, run away immediately. Unless you know about cars.

I study things I'm interested in and ask questions where necessary so as to get a glimpse of what I'm about going into. Hope you do the same.

Add yours.
A MUST READ - Some Things Car Dealers Do Not Tell Their Prospective Customers A MUST READ - Some Things Car Dealers Do Not Tell Their Prospective Customers Reviewed by InoutNaija Staff on 07:25:00 Rating: 5


  1. Now I know I will prepare my heart

  2. Hmmmm wow, I guess trust me applies to almost everything. My eyes are clear now.

  3. When it is time for me to get a car God will help me cause I don't understand anything here oooo


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