Sad: Husband 'shoots wife in the head, killing her, during a drunken fight in an Uber Cab'

A husband has been accused of shooting his wife in the head during a drunken argument in an Uber.

Cameron Espitia, 31, is being held on suspicion of killing wife Jennifer, 29, as they were taken home in Seattle in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Espitia, a former member of the Coast Guard, was arrested close to the scene, claiming he could not remember anything after getting into the car.Cameron Espitia, 31, a former member of the US Coast Guard, appeared in court on Monday accused of killing wife Jennifer (pictured together) during a drunken fight in an Uber

The driver said Jennifer was sat in front of the vehicle and her husband was behind when they started having a 'vicious' fight before he shot her in the back of the head

Prosecutors described the killing as an 'execution', reports.

The driver, who has not been named, told police that he picked the couple up shortly after midnight, with Jennifer sitting in the front seat and Cameron sitting behind her.

The pair then began having a 'vicious' argument, Fox Q13 reported, with Espitia repeatedly swearing at his wife.

The driver said he then heard a 'loud boom' and initially thought he had blown a tire.

But moments later he realized Jennifer had slumped forward and was ordered by Espitia to keep driving which he did, saying he feared for his life.

Eventually he was told to pull over as Espitia got out, and he called the police.

Espitia was arrested nearby, and reportedly told officer he was 'having a bad night' with his wife and had been drinking.

Police said they found a small gun in an ankle holster on Espitia.

Court documents show Espitia claimed his last memory was of getting into the vehicle, before waking up in bushes at the side of the road.

Espitia (pictured in court) told police that he had no memory of the time between getting into the vehicle until he woke up in bushes nearby, where he was arrested

Espitia is now being held on suspicion of second-degree murder on a bond of $3million. Charges have not yet been laid

He said he had a vague memory of being inside an SUV, but no recollection of what happened during that time.

Jennifer was taken to a nearby hospital but died from her wounds.

Her husband is now being held on suspicion of second-degree murder and had a bond set at $3million on Monday. Charges have not yet been laid.

Court documents show Espitia was a member of the Coast Guard for 13 years and has no criminal record. He was born in California but lived in Seattle with his wife.

Coast Guardsman Elliot Felix, who has known Espitia for five years, was called as a character witness to the bail hearing, according to the Seattle Times.

He told the court that 'never in a million years' would he believe Espitia to be capable of killing his wife.

Social media shows the couple have been married since at least 2013. She is listed as working for an insurance firm, while he lists no occupation.
Sad, but interesting case... at least there were three people in the car, with one now death and a lost memory, how do you think this case would end?
Sad: Husband 'shoots wife in the head, killing her, during a drunken fight in an Uber Cab'  Sad: Husband 'shoots  wife in the head, killing her, during a drunken fight in an Uber Cab'  Reviewed by getitrightnigerians on 05:46:00 Rating: 5

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