Ladies Only! These Are The 5 Ways To Spot Mr Casanova

These days it can be a bit difficult to spot who is who and who is not. But with the little findings we have done, we have been able to do helpful research to help spot Mr Casanova right from day 1.
1] He has a sweet tongue. He can be so good with his choice of words. He says things to make yo just fall for him literally.

2] He brags a lot: This guy he is just too fool of himself. He talks with so much self confidence that you begin to suspect him. Mr Casanova is the one that brags about how any cars, houses and properties he has.

3] He is mostly too cute: NOTE; i'm NOT SAYING ALL CUTE GUYS ARE CASANOVAS, I'm only saying majority of them fall into the category. They are deceived by their look and they feel it is easy to play with any lady's heart.

4] He has many female friends, lovers, exes all around him. He is always trying to see this female friend, always more into the ladies thing. Mr casanova feels all ladies just want to be with him.

5] He is so secretive. He never leaves his phone with you. He always has something to hide.
Ladies Only! These Are The 5 Ways To Spot Mr Casanova Ladies Only! These Are The 5 Ways To Spot Mr Casanova Reviewed by InoutNaija Staff on 18:23:00 Rating: 5

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  1. Very true, I am a guy I was once like the description above.


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