Gov. Fayose's Sister Talks About Women Insecurities, says she wants Boobs Job [video]

Mo Fayose, younger sister of Ekiti state governor, Ayo Fayose, had a video session on her Facebook page yesterday where she discussed with her followers about insecurities some women suffer about their breast sizes. According to her, after she had her baby prematurely some years ago, she lost confidence in her boobs and still has little or no confidence in them.

She says if she wins a lottery now, the first thing she would do is a boobs lifting surgery. Mo says women with boobs they don't like have low self esteem and tend to hide it when they get intimate
with their lovers. She says when she wants to get intimate with any man, she has to turn off the light just because she feels insecure about her boobs. She advised women to do whatever they can to ensure they have confidence about their body.

"I lost my self confidence just because of the size of my breast and I struggled with that for many many years. I had my first child about 18 years ago. She was premature and she came very very early. She was in intensive unit for sometime and as a result of that, I had to expres breast milk. It was really difficult. It was pretty hard. I was approached by the nurses who asked me if I am willing to donate breast milk. So I said yes I can donate breast me so they gave me this machine that lokks very industrial. You connect your boobies to and you express milk. I expressed milk for like three months and I was donating 6 liters of breast milk a week. 
So they would come to my house to pick up the breast milk and take it to the disadvantaged children or children that their mothers are unable to express breast milk. Before that time, I wasn't the type that would go for bras because my breast were that on point. I was wearing bra only when I wanted to because my breasts were on point.
 I could flaunt them in front of my husband at that time because they were so good and I like the way my boobies were. They were looking straight. Unfortunately now, they are looking down. They have missed the plug. I didn't like that and I still don't like it. Its not that I don't like it, its about how I feel when I am with a man. I tell people that when I win a lottery, the first thing I am going to do is to do something to are these my boobies. They have got to be done. They have got to be lifted up without bras"she said

Watch the video below

Gov. Fayose's Sister Talks About Women Insecurities, says she wants Boobs Job [video] Gov. Fayose's Sister Talks About Women Insecurities, says she wants Boobs Job [video] Reviewed by getitrightnigerians on 06:58:00 Rating: 5

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