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Do You Feel Nervous When The Thought Of Getting Married Someday Sets In?

Someone shared this, and i thought of sharing it with you guys and get your opinion

 I just realized that I feel this nervousness in me whenever the thought of getting married someday sets in. Having read through different stories about couples, both the happily married and those facing one or two challenges (knowing fully well that these people were once happy and believed that they were meant for each other). Please I'm still at my early 20's. Will such feeling be outgrown someday?
Well, for us at getitrightnigerians, we believe marriage is a beautiful things just like "life". People die every day, yet new ones are born and the world keeps going on. If you are scared of getting married, is because you are yet to understand love. Free your mind and let time take care of your fears.  

Guys do you have any contrary opinion? pls lets share

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