Sad: Man's Entire Family Wiped Out By Alleged Members of His Gang over Loot Sharing (graphic video)

According to the person who sent us this story, the sad incident happened somewhere in Ijebu Ode, the Alpha pictured below is alleged to be a leader of a gang and he is the one who does the preparation of charm for his members before they go on operations. The story has it, that they recently carried out an operation that raked in about N40m, which was entrusted into the hands of their leader (the Alpha) for sharing, but rather than sharing the money as agreed, the Alpha deposited the entire N40m into his account and invited members his gang for dinner where he poisoned and killed two members of the gang,   unfortunately for him one escaped and reported to others who returned to take revenge. 
Source says, the Alpha boasted that even if they killed him, they were not going to recover the money in his account that wife and children would enjoy the money when his gone, this angered his gang members and they decided to tie him up and murdered his wife and four children before killing him. 

Read edited story below as sent to us by one of our readers.

The so called late Alfa used to do protection charm for a gang of armed robbers who go to raid and attack people to take over their belongings both in cash and kind. The man below was killed last week, his wife together with their four children's. 

D son of Alefa epamurin ijebu ode. The story behind the killing of the family will marvel you....... On one of their operations they went to carry out they were able to get away with a whooping sum of almost N40m which was deposited into the Alfa account. Out of greed the Alfa decided not to give the robber their own share of the money and told them he wanted to do charm for them. As a result of the charm; he decided to poison them. 

Unfortunately for him it was only three out of the four gang came that very day he decided to give them the poison. 

On eating the poison two of the armed robbers died immediately. The third one managed to inform the fourth one about the incidence. The fourth one came for reprisal attack and revenge. When the fourth robber came the Alfa told him that if they killed him his family will spend the money in his bank account. 

As a result the robber decided to tie the hand and body of the Alfa with rope and killed all his family in his presence before finally killing him. The Alfa was just 35years old and because of greed eliminated his generation. Moral of the story is that life is vanity upon vanity we should thread on earth and life with caution. 

The lesson is for all Islamic clerics to take life easy and do things according to Islamic principle and the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (SAW)

Watch shocking video below
Sad: Man's Entire Family Wiped Out By Alleged Members of His Gang over Loot Sharing (graphic video) Sad: Man's Entire Family Wiped Out By Alleged Members of His Gang over Loot Sharing (graphic video) Reviewed by getitrightnigerians on 12:56:00 Rating: 5

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