Popular Benin Transporter Found in Possession of Cocaine [photos]

 A popular Benin transporter, Mr. Monday AIYAMEMKHUE.  MD, Osayamen Line. Ugbowo Lagos road has been arrested by the Edo state police command. 

Monday AIYAMEMKHUE who is an APC chieftain from Ovia North East Local Government Area, was arrested last week after he was fingered as a suspect in a case involving the attack of his community development secretary who was attacked by gun men a few weeks ago in the state. According to our source, the  Police had invited him to state CID to clear himself from the on-going investigation, but on arriving the station, Mr. Monday was said to have parked his car, a black Thundra some metres away from the station thereby arousing suspicion by the police who  were about to go and search his house for arms. 

 Suspecting something was not right, the police immediately conducted a search on his car and found some white substance concealed in the back of the Thundra with a tape. They cut it open and brought out the carefully wrapped parcel and discovered it contains substance believed to  be cocaine and he was immediately placed under arrest. 

Further search was however conducted at his house behind Precious Palm Royal Hotel but found nothing more incriminating, though source say his boys were quick to clear the house of further evidence. 

Mr. Monday AIYAMEMKHUE who was able to pull some stings from Abuja, manage to secure bail and wanted to kill the case with money and prevent the anti narcotics from taking over the case until a petition was submitted to the AIG's Office today at Zone Five in Benin and the case reopened for investigation.

The AIG who said  he cannot be a party to cover-up a story like this, has also promised to personally submit the findings of his investigation to the IG of police, Solomon Arase at Abuja as soon as investigations are concluded on the matter

The Community Development Secretary (CDA) was attacked by gunmen at his residence at Ovbiogie community after Oluku, where Mr. Monday AIYAMEMKHUE formerly served as  CDA chairman too, there by making him a prime suspect in the case.

The present CDA chairman, Com. Johnson Orhue told the AIG today that Monday AIYAMEMKHUE is not only a drug dealer but also a gun runner. 

Source say Mr. AIYAMEMKHUE has been been banished from the community by the Odionwere and elders of the community

Popular Benin Transporter Found in Possession of Cocaine [photos] Popular Benin Transporter Found in Possession of Cocaine [photos] Reviewed by getitrightnigerians on 01:24:00 Rating: 5


  1. Hmmmmm, gun and coacane are toys that children play with. And assassination is now a common thing, it is not a problem anymore. Please keep him there until every suspecousness is cleared.

  2. If a gold can rust,then what will iron do?if a chieftain can descent so low as to be indulge in an unlawful activity like this, then its a shame! Well they said "every dog has it day" for him to have taken a thing like that in his car even to the area of the station shows that he has so much backup and I just pray those in charge will not sweep the case under the carpet.

  3. Too bad. Your good name ND work have jst gone like dat

  4. People are criminally-minded everywhere.

  5. He had a good business going, transportation business in Nigeria is one of the major businessess yielding good money but well, it's a pity. Enjoy your new home.

  6. The transportation business served as a front for his cocaine deals people. Chai read well. Anyways good thing he was caught.

  7. Everyday is for a thief but one day he will be caught by the owner. He should be made to face the law

  8. Everyday is for a thief but one day he will be caught by the owner. He should be made to face the law

  9. For me,its not all about his business that is yielding money,maybe he is using the business as a cover up to what he is doing underground. Who even know how he actually started the transportation business, just maybe the capital might have emernated from the narcotics business he has been doing. @ manny

  10. too bad, and people will think all his money is from transport biz.


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