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If Any Of These Happens To You, Then The Wítches Of Your Village Are After You

How to know if the wítches in your village are following you :

0. When you have jamb exam on Thursday and u forgot and went on Friday.

1. When you wrote jamb and scored 350 for medicine and you were given admsn to read insurance.
2. When u wrote 10 papers and when result was posted, you saw 5 Co's and 5 absent. My guy, beware

3. When you finally rectify ur papers and passed ur Co's and in your final year, your name was posted for service. You went to complain and was told that your file doesn't exist. Guy u need fasting

4. When you read for 3 months, scored 35 in ur continuous assessment and you get to exam hall and forgot all that have read.

5. When you have paper by 2pm and it has been shifted to 10 am, you get to Hall by 2:30pm and realise them don close gate.

6. When you dey download movie of 1.5gb and at 1.49gb, ur phone restart.

7. When you are writing and online test and you wanted to click on submit bcox you have 30 seconds left then your laptop battery just shake.

Add yours. What happened to you before that made you think na the witch 4 ur village do u.

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