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God Allowed Trump to Win US Elections so America Can Be Humble - Obasanjo

According to Nigeria's former President Olusegun Obasanjo, God allowed Donald Trump to win the US presidential elections because he wanted America to become humble.

He said only Africans can take charge of Africa to ensure that it prospers.
‘‘The fact that America can produce a Trump in this day and age, it means Americans are as human as we are", he said at an event held at the French Embassy in Pretoria, South Africa.

‘”I am not justifying what African leaders are doing. If our leaders are doing wrong, we should say that they are doing wrong.

“Trump has come by Divine Will so that America can be humbled, and we can also learn a lesson.

“Nobody can do it for us, and it is all of us, and if we do it, we will get it right.”

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