7 Richest Bloggers That Would Motivates You To Start Blogging [see list]

Can any one make a million dollar blogging ?

If that is the question that has kept ringing your mind, I would frankly tell you,"YES" there are 1,2, 3... 7 even more bloggers that are making tons of cash online.

They are finding solutions to people problems and they do that with their blogs. From tech,business, SEO, social media,entertainment,lifestyle and many more issues,they are giving people what they
Here they are below:
1.Perez Hilton
Perez started out as gossip blogger. It was created by Mario Armando Lavanderia Jr. The site was formerly known as PageSixSixSix.com before it was changed to Perezhilton.com.

His dream was to become an actor.And he sure went into acting while blogging as well.

But Mario did not make a name in acting.However,blogging brought him fame and fortune.

He makes his money through adverts from paid sponsors that appeared across his site.

He makes $ 575 000 monthly on perezhilton.

This is one guy to follow if your interest in entertainment gossip.

2.Copy blogger 

Brian Clark is the brain behind Copyblogger. He has been into blogging in the days nobody cares about it.

He started as a content marketer even when it was not a widely known area of marketing.

In 2006 ,with just $1 000,Brian started his blog which provides useful information for online marketers all over the world.

What he started with just $ 1000 now earns him $ 1,000 000 per month.He now owns a company known as Rainmaker Digital with 200 000 customers.

If you are into content marketing,SEO,Social media, you should follow this guy.

3. TechCrunch 

TechCrunch is owned by Michael Arrington and Keith Teare. In 2005 these guys both started this blog.

It covers news in technology industry and this news are useful up to date information for techie in the industry.

In 2010,AOL acquired TechCrunch and this blog is now geared towards top players in startups and venture capitalists.

The blog makes $2 500 000 every month.

4. Mashable
Pete Cashmore started this blog right from his home Scotland in 2005.

Pete hardwork and dedication to proving valuable content on social media and blogging earned an award as one of best 25 bloggers in the world.

Now the blog focused mainly on Social media and its followers as grown rapidly over the years.

He makes his money through advertisement in various formats on his blog.

He earns $2 000 000 every month.

5. Moz 
Moz is the brain child of Rand Fishkins. The blog started out as a design content blog but has since changed to one of the foremost blog in search engine optimization.

The site makes its money from a membership area that features professional tools and services for the avid search engine marketer looking to gain saturation, reach and visibility in the online space.

He earns $4,250 ,000 per month on Moz formerly known as SEOMoz.


The blog is all about gadgets.electronics.Especially consumers electronics.It gives informed reviews on new electronics and technology in the market.

In 2005,it was acquired by AOL and it makes its money from advertisement.

The blog earns $5,500,000 each month.

7. Huffington Post
A Greek by the name Arriana Huffington started Huffington Post in 2005.

Arriana decided to sell her blog to AOL for $315 Million dollars but she remained as the editor-in-chief. This is in order to keep the relevance and growing popularity of her blog.

She had left that position now but Huffington post still makes whooping cash from advertisement and digital ads across its variety of channels.

This blog is the most successful blog so far.And it is valued at $1 billion.

The blog makes $ 14,000,000 every month.

Conclusion Can you see how profitable blogging has become over the years?

You can have fun writing about your passions and interest and if you remain consistent and focused you could become another Copyblogger or Huffington Post. You can even deicide to become a contributor to popular blog like GETITRIGHTNIGERIANS and earn a living from your articles.
Let us know your thoughts about these successful bloggers and how their stories have inspired you.

If you are still thinking about inge into blogging, then it's better you start today. 
Drop a comment below and let us know in the comment session if you need any assistance starting your blog and we will glad to assist you.

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