See How Much It Cost Apple To Make The Iphone 10

The new iPhone X also called iPhone 10 costs apple approximately $412.75 to produce the phone. Check out the cost of each component used below
The most expensive component is the 5.8” OLED panel manufactured by Samsung. It’s price is $80 per unit which is way higher than any other part.

The NAND memory, acquired from Toshiba is $45 for 256 GB.

The 3 GB RAM is half - only $24.

Apple announced the A11 Bionic chipset, which is built by TSMC on their 10 nm process technology. One chipset costs $26 while the modem that is plastered on it is provided by Qualcomm and is $18 more.

The 3D sensor is also in the expensive category - it is $25. It is packed behind the glass on the front panel which is another $18.

The logistics and few production costs aren't included here though.

Recall that the iPhone X (iPhone 10) costs about $1000 (N400,000). So do you think that Apple is making huge profits from their devices?
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  1. To me, the price is fair enough considering the cost of production.. The profit isn't too much since they will need to pay their staff and there is need for equipment maintenance and other miscellaneous. Tax is another factor. So the price is still reasonable. It worth it

  2. Ipone 10 White people are great


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