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Nigerians need to restructure their attitude, be more honest with others- Oshiomole

Ex-Governor of Edo State, Adams Oshiomole, Adams Oshiomhole, has said Nigerians need to restructure their attitude, be more honest with others, and creatively manage public fund.

He maintained his rejection of the idea of returning Nigeria to regional system of administration.
Oshiomhole stated this in reaction to criticisms by Southern leaders who are against his views on restructuring.

He told Vanguard: “I am also a leader from the South. I don’t know what people mean but I am clear that we need devolution of powers and review of the Revenue Allocation Formula. Those are the two things I believe are doable and they will transfer more resources to the states and the states can do some of the things that the Federal government is currently doing.

“If that is what they mean by restructuring fine; but any suggestions about return to regions, I don’t believe they should move from one region to state and from state back to regions. I think what we need is very well captured by (President Olusegun) Obasanjo.

“We need to restructure our attitude, we need to be more honest with our people, we need to creatively manage public fund to take care of the larger public.

“That for me is not a function of structure, it is a function of character, it is a function of attitude. It is sad that sometimes people go personal when we discuss these issues, but what will interest you is that people who are saying we should implement the confab report, one of the confab reports said we should create additional 18 states.

“Does that make sense to you? And those who are saying these were also on record saying that most states are not viable, but yet they want more states. These are the contradictions that I see.”


  1. Our political class need to restructure first, then the citizens can think of restructuring too.
    Creation of more state is a "stupid" idea when the one's we have keep running to Abuja for bail out.

  2. Oshiomole should please shut up.. He is a big disappointment to Nigeria. A comrade that we all have hope in fucked up big time as a two time Governor of his state, now he is opening his mouth and talking as if he actually give a fuck.. Trust these politicians at your own peril

  3. Is oshiomole a human being? Useless thief


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