Fayose Reacts To News Of Nigeria Being Out Of Recession

Governor Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti has reacted to news that Nigeria was out of recession describing it as inaccurate. In a statement signed by his spokesperson, Lere Olayinka, on Wednesday, September 6, the Ekiti governor claimed the statistics upon which the claim was based is meaningless to Nigerians.
He said: “The reality is that Nigerians are suffering and dying, with foods out of their reach and no amount of economic statistics will make meaning to people who cannot afford to eat once daily.”

He described the news of the country being out of recession as similar to that of when it was reported that the country had defeated Boko Haram. “Claiming that Nigeria is out of economic recession without any corresponding effect on the living condition of the people is just like they said Boko Haram had been defeated and over 400 people were killed by the insurgents in the last five months.” The governor also described the reason given for the cancellation of the Federal Executive Council meeting on Wednesday as funny.

“Is it not funny that the same federal government that declared public holiday forgot that there would be a Tuesday after the public holiday and FEC meeting will be held on Wednesday? “Me thinks they should look for another lie next week because the reality is that President Muhammadu Buhari does not have the required mental capacity and strength to rule Nigeria and I maintain that he should consider his health as well as the overall interests of Nigeria and resign.”

“If Nigeria is indeed out of economic recession, has price of foodstuffs like rice reduced to N7,000 per bag that it was when Buhari took over power? “Is dollar now N197 to $1? Is petrol now back to N87 per litre that Buhari met it in May 2015? Are Nigerians now feeding comfortably, even if it is once in a day?

“Most importantly, are states now getting enough allocation from the federation account to be able to meet their obligations, especially payment of salary?” “It must be stated that Nigeria’s foreign reserves, which stood at $28.6 billion by May 2015 that President Buhari took over power declined steadily to $23.89 billion by the last quarter of 2016.

It was in 2016 that Nigeria slipped into recession, owing to the bad economic policies and repressive actions of President Buhari “It is sad that the APC government has remained on the path of lies and propaganda and I wonder why the government can’t be truthful for once.

“However, if this latest lie is about 2019 general elections, they have missed it because Nigerians can no longer be received by the APC lying government. “Nigerians should therefore disregard their lies and keep praying for God intervention in the affairs of the country.
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  1. Fayose will definitely talk.. We call these propaganda and it is allowed in this scenario

  2. I don't always agree with this man but in this matter he is far from lies which recession are we out of we should be serious in this country o

  3. The stomach-infrastructure governor!! He must talk naaw.

  4. Speaking faith we are out recession in Jesus name but for the government to say we are out of recession and a position I rejected in a school for a year is still vacant because of no money then it is a pure black lie.


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