A MUST READ - Four Reasons Why Some Nigerian Girls Are Going Into Porn*graphy

Some days back I was reading an interview granted by the self-acclaimed Nigerian Porn King, KingTblack who said many Nigerian ladies approach him daily of their intentions to be a part of his porn shoots.
Due to the kind of environment we are as Africans and Nigerians, you wonder if really some girls are ready to bear the insults, shame and all of bearing their Unclad body on screen for millions to see, including their loved ones.

As Nigerians, we are quick to judge people due to our social believe and moral standard, but secretly most of us do what we criticize others from.

Here are 4 reasons I think so many Nigerian girls nowadays are opting to shoot porn movie.

Money: In this period of recession that some amateur porn actress are paid up to N100,000 for a shoot, sometimes their face are even covered with mask. So many ladies would dive into it just to make cool cash with probably just 20-30minutes of shoot. So money is a reason some girls are delving into the business.

Exploration/Adventure: Many ladies just want to explore new sexual adventures. Some ladies would be feeling they have a boring sex life, they want to explore new ways and methods, sweet sexual adventures that they have been having crazy imagination.

Accessories: some ladies are not satisfied with what they have, they are in competition with other ladies, they want what other ladies have even though they can’t afford it. They want the latest human hair, cloths, shoes and others. So they had to go act porn, get money to buy accessories.

Choice: many a times, it’s all about the choice people make. The lady just chose the path, they don’t care about what people think.
A MUST READ - Four Reasons Why Some Nigerian Girls Are Going Into Porn*graphy A MUST READ - Four Reasons Why Some Nigerian Girls Are Going Into Porn*graphy Reviewed by InoutNaija Staff on 23:12:00 Rating: 5


  1. I don't believe the list. The only reason is money and more money

  2. Money rules the world, ideas are for the rich. Lol.
    What a shameful desire, I'd rather get married and enjoy the sex there.
    So I believe their reasons are money.

  3. There's no justification to selling your values we are losing it somewhere Africa wake up


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