Yes Yes Yes Guys the Hour is Here, its time for the big deal

Yes guys its time to announce our 10k winner. Are you nervous? sure we are too.... its been a very interesting day reading all your comments. Sadly some people never believed we were for real, whereas this is not the first we are giving out stuffs to our commenters in this blog... we have been doing that since 2015 and there are a lot of posts  confirming that... just search the blog
Surely in this period of recession, things are difficult and for some people 10k sounds like a lot so when we said we were giving out this amount, many people insulted us calling us scammers. lol 

Anyway, people must doubt, but its our responsibly to prove them wrong. In a few minutes, we would implement the widget to help us pick our winner for the day. The person with the highest numbers of comments at the top of the widget becomes our hero of the day, and would get his or her 10k alert first thing tomorrow morning once we have the person's details.   Pls if you didn't win, that doesn't mean you should get angry and stop commenting oh, lol we all know this is  not about the money else we would never be able to pay for your time with us; so pls pls pls pls, help us congratulate the winner and lets all hope for the best ahead. 

We would announce more games in the future where everyone would have the opportunity to win something. so pls stay tuned, keep commenting and let your friends know we keep our word.  God bless

Yes Yes Yes Guys the Hour is Here, its time for the big deal Yes Yes Yes Guys the Hour is Here, its time for the big deal Reviewed by getitrightnigerians on 23:58:00 Rating: 5


  1. Getitnigerians First SonThursday, 31 August, 2017

    Lets gooooooooo!

  2. Getitnigerians First SonFriday, 01 September, 2017

    Even if i win or not am here to stay.. i really enjoyed myself today while reading and commenting on this great blog.. Love you ma!!

  3. I surely enjoy this blog.. All the time I used to spend on nairaland each day was spent here today but it worth it.

  4. I hope my 2-day vigil will not be in vain.

  5. pls if let us know when see the widget, the network is so poor here now.

  6. Getitnigerians First SonFriday, 01 September, 2017

    same issue here i can't view the widget over here also....

  7. Getitnigerians First SonFriday, 01 September, 2017

    i want to see the widget ohhhh.. make i know were i dey for the comment ohhh.. hahahahhaa

  8. Ok oooo can't wait to see de lucky winner is pray it will be me ooooo

  9. I love doing what I did...

  10. Widget not showing


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