Wike Goes Dramatic Again; Accuses Amaechi Again

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The Inter-ethnic Network for Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi scorns Gov. Wike's gratuitous and infantile assertion against the Honourable Minister of Transportation, Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, on a Channels TV program.
The Governor, in another of his frequent histrionics and unveracious statements accused his former boss and predecessor of being the reason for the failed security situation in Rivers State.

It is principally for the sake of the section of the public who were not opportuned to witness the peaceful ambience and quality security situation that characterised Rivers State under the Amaechi administration, that we painfully make it a duty to respond to the spiteful misrepresentation of facts by the Governor on Channels TV.

Expectedly, it is Wike's trademark to blame Amaechi for every failure and incompetence his government registers, hence, we are not the least surprised at his recent outburst. We consider it as a reflection of the deep-seated angst arising from his recurrent failure at being able to curb the insecurity menace ravaging the State under his watch. Obviously, he lacks the wit to tackle the dwindling or near-absent security situation.

It is expedient to remind Wike and all those who may conveniently want to buy into his grievous flim-flam, that Amaechi dealt squarely with the issue of insecurity during his tenure as Governor of Rivers State.
The security situation in the State improved tremendously under the Amaechi administration until May 29, 2015, when he handed over to Governor Wike who has grossly mismanaged the gains of the Amaechi administration in this very sensitive area.

The tremendous and deliberate efforts Amaechi made to ensure that lives and properties were secured are not lost on Rivers people. Our memories still serve us right and we can never forget the laudable initiatives he embarked on to improve security in the State. Even though most of the security structures put in place where dismantled by the former State CP Mr. Mbu Joseph Mbu under the auspices of the former First Lady Dame Patience Jonathan and Governor Wike, who was then a Junior Minister, because of political vendetta and senseless victimization of Amaechi, vestiges of Amaechi's exploits in security still exists. The security checkpoints with high resolution closed circuit television cameras at strategic spots on major roads are still a testimony to Amaechi's efforts towards curbing insecurity.

We still remember the C4i, the special security team trained in Israel for combating crime and insecurity, the frequent townhall meetings and peace parleys undertaken by the Amaechi administration to ensure a viable and robust security system in the State.

Whereas, Amaechi took a firm and tough posture against thugs and militants, the Governor is busy hobnobbing and patronising them. It is therefore, shocking that he now turns around to expect security to improve when he is handling the issue of insecurity with marked levity. It is instructive to affirm that Rivers State never experienced this level of frequent barbaric murder and horrid security situation under Amaechi.

Quite disturbing is the fact that the Wike-led government does not only lack the capacity to initiate good programs, it is also bereft of the ability to manage existing ones. Assuming without conceding that Wike is serious about tackling the growing level of insecurity in the State and honestly does not have the wit to engage it, is it not elementary that the first thing he should do is to improve on the security checkpoints and structures Amaechi bequeathed to him?

It is our strong view that the Governor is the chief contributor to insecurity and criminality in the State. The insecurity being experienced presently in the State is a backlash of the massive arming of political thugs and criminals who prosecuted the 2015 elections for him. He sowed the wind and is now reaping the whirlwind. The Governor should eat the humble pie and device means of compensating those who brought him to power through the guns. He is both the Chief Security Officer and the Chief Security Offender.

We advise the Governor as a matter of urgency to submit himself to his former boss to be tutored on how to douse the menacing insecurity instead of looking for whom to blame his inexcusable failure on.

Wike should realise human lives are sacred and must not be objects of politics. He is therefore, constitutionally obligated to secure lives and properties resign forthwith.

Ubima, Rivers State.
August 26, 2017.
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