UEFA Champions League Draw Today At 5pm (Read Full Details)

The draws would be held at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco unlike previous held in Nyon, Switzerland.
Pot 1 contains the title holders and the champions of the top seven associations based on their 2016 UEFA country coefficients. If the title holders are one of the champions of the top seven associations, the champions of the association ranked eighth are also seeded into Pot 1.

Pot 2, 3 and 4 contain the remaining teams, seeded based on their 2017 UEFA club coefficients. On 17 July 2014, the UEFA emergency panel ruled that Ukrainian and Russian clubs would not be drawn against each other "until further notice" due to the political unrest between the countries.

Moreover, the draw is controlled for teams from the same association in order to split the teams evenly into the two sets of four groups (A–D, E–H) for maximum television coverage.

On each matchday, one set of four groups play their matches on Tuesday, while the other set of four groups play their matches on Wednesday, with the two sets of groups alternating between each matchday.

The fixtures are decided after the draw, using a computer draw not shown to public, with the following match sequence (Regulations Article 16.02).

As well as deciding the make-up of the groups, the occasion will also see the presentation of a number of awards, including the UEFA Men's Player of the Year and Women's Player of the Year. The best goalkeeper, defender, midfielder and forward from last season's competition will also have their performances recognised at the ceremony.
UEFA Youth League

The youth teams of the 32 Champions League group stage participants also take part in the UEFA Youth League. However, unlike the Champions League, the Youth League features a total of 64 teams, with the youth domestic champions of the top 32 leagues also entering. Red Bull Salzburg won the 2016-17 Youth League, defeating Benfica in the final.
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  1. About the Ukrainian and Russian team not drawn together, what will happen if they meet later in the competition? Or is the a way to scheme the out that we don't know?


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