"No To Boju-boju Examination, Conduct Normal Exam Or Release Us To Go Home" - UNIOSUN Students

If anyone is not ready to say the truth, I will, a saying says " if you say the truth, you will die, if you lie, you will die".Pls I don't seem to understand this
school any longer, why in this world will a school take delight in suffering her students and having them undergo psychological traumatization all in the name of helping them write exams....

This drama is getting out of hand, if we want to strike why can't we strike for goodness sake And if it's exam let's write it. like I said before, the results of this kind of exam is usually shocking and unpalatable.

Or what kind of results do you expect out of exam you wrote hastily all in the name of hiding from Asuu or the one you are told overnight to come and write in the morning. Let's us use our brain as students and stand our ground against this inhumane and nefarious acts.

The most annoying thing is that, the students representatives we look up to are just there having meeting with the management on how to continue this stupid exam while they also know that such exam will lead to nothing but mass failure or what sense does it make when you don't want delay and you write exams hastily and you end up having carryovers you cannot clear till Jesus comes.

I as a student of this school say enough is enough of this " boju boju examination ", we want a normal exam or release us to go home. It is just that they are inconsiderate, because our lecturers were once students and they know how it feels to read for exams and end up not writing it, they know the psychological effect, but they are just after three own selfish interest.

They also know that during exam period students are always out of foodstuffs And money but they just act unconcerned about our welfare. They may think they are helping us not to suffer the consequences of writing exams after strike for but this help has turned to a wicked act. The school shouldn't have voted strike when they have intention of writing exams, have they forgot the saying that " you cannot eat your cake and have it "?.

I found no sense in it when we wait to write exam in school and we didn't eventually write the exam and the students are suffering, I hope my fellow students will join this campaign until it gets to appropriate quarters and with one voice we will say " NO TO OPPRESSIVE EXAMINATION "....permit me to drop my pen by saying " it's not how far but how well "

Yours in the struggle,
Hungry and angry uniosun student.
"No To Boju-boju Examination, Conduct Normal Exam Or Release Us To Go Home" - UNIOSUN Students "No To Boju-boju Examination, Conduct Normal Exam Or Release Us To Go Home" - UNIOSUN Students Reviewed by InoutNaija Staff on 11:48:00 Rating: 5

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