Myweather Vs Conor: Hushpuppi Narrates What Happened To Him Last Night (Read HERE)

Popular Nigerian millionaire based in Malaysia Hushpuppi needs no introduction. The young chap whom many do not know the main source of his wealth shares inspired story of his primary school life of Instagram

He wrote:
"So my friend came to pick me up so we can go watch the MayWeather-Conor fight, That's how the driver was opening rolls royce door for me anyhow back and forth as we make stops, so there was this point I just got into the car and started laughing out loud and my friend asked me what was funny, I looked at him and got laughing more, I said to him, for whatever reason I don't know why my mind flashed back to when me and my younger brother used to close from primary school and will walk to the nearest bustop with our torn school uniforms and be asking people in buses, bros or auntie please lap me.

Most of the times we and my brother would reach home separately then my friend looked at me and said what's funny about that then I looked at him and said, now I can afford a rolls royce and we started laughing together. I know a lot of y'all out there can relate with this story, a lot of you have your struggles in the past or even presently, just know it don't start good don't mean it won't end good, your destiny is in your own hands, take charge of it and rewrite your destiny. 

U was born poor don't mean u have to die poor, there's always a chance for you to become better. May God bless all the strangers that have helped me one way or the other as a child struggling through those hard times, that's why I don't stop helping people either I know them or not."

Myweather Vs Conor: Hushpuppi Narrates What Happened To Him Last Night (Read HERE) Myweather Vs Conor: Hushpuppi Narrates What Happened To Him Last Night (Read HERE) Reviewed by InoutNaija Staff on 19:31:00 Rating: 5


  1. Awww so touching I feel like crying right now yes ooooo GOd will bless us all in Jesus Christ name Amen I decree dat one day I shall give others words of encouragement like dis I will surely make it in Jesus Christ name Amen

    1. No human was Born poor God time is the best Buddy


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