Guess what this is??? then Open link to see and drop your comment [photos]

Lol, we know at a glance, its almost impossible to guess what part of the body you see in this photos.

A new internet craze is sweeping the web and it shows women holding their breasts in the shape of heart and posting pictures of it online.

The bizarre trend – named the “heart shaped boob challenge” – began earlier this week in China.

And within days it has exploded on the country’s most popular social network Weibo, with thousands of women wanting to take part in the challenge.

It sees women grab their breasts and use their hands to mould the flesh into the shape of a heart.
They then take pictures of themselves before posting it online for all of their friends to see.

So far snaps have been taken and shared more than 1.6 million times within days of the weird challenge being create.

But Weibo have not been impressed with the snaps and have been deleting some of the images, deeming them too risque.

But even still, that has not deterred people from joining in with the challenge.

It is reported that the craze was inspired by Ayi Xi Tai Lu, a social media star, who demonstrated the trick on one of her late-night videos, with fans then following quickly in her footsteps.

Ladies would you participate in this new craze? guys would you let your women? lets know what you think

Guess what this is??? then Open link to see and drop your comment [photos] Guess what this is??? then Open link to see and drop your comment [photos] Reviewed by getitrightnigerians on 21:46:00 Rating: 5


  1. End time practices that's all I see.

  2. End time is near i can smell it

  3. Nawaooo dis white people eeee😂😂😂😂😂😂


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