Be Careful Where You Sit At Work - READ THIS

Finally a reason to love the open office. A two-year study of 2,452 help-desk and other client-service workers at a technology company showed that sitting next to high achievers at work increases your performance by 3% to 16%. 
The study also found that high quality employees raised the bar for everyone, increasing performance for underachievers by several percentage points — while in creative fields the number could be even higher. Are you inspired by high-achieving colleagues?

Currently, i work as a Graphic Designer here in Lagos, Nigeria. Our workstation happens to be an open office space and i sit right next to my HOD, who holds a higher degree in mass commuication and a credible experience in marketing communications.

My closeness to my HOD has groomed me creatively, in relative to my field of expertise and this has created a worthwhile experience with my team and the organization. Thus, it is quite advisable as a career-oriented person, WATCH WHERE YOU SIT!

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