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"A very Happy Birthday to my lil boubou" TBoss' birthday message to Miyonsea causes controversy

We all know that TBoss and Miyonsea were quite closr in the Big Brother house and people expected them to continue their relationship when they left the house but that didn't seem to be the case.

It's Miyonsea's birthday today and TBoss posted a birthday message which caused quite the controversy, with some of her followers saying it was belittling while others didn't think so.

"A very Happy Birthday to my lil boubou?. Wishing you a beautiful new age and a fulfillment of all your dreams. I pray that you keep smiling like you are in this photo today and the rest of your days. Today I celebrate you. Be a good boy. Signed: Your big Aunty Toks??..." TBoss wrote.

Only months back, she had been kissing him in the house and now she's referring to him as her "lil boubou". Some followers were dissapointed with the meassage and said as much.

"When u like that dude but Jeez I'm your B I G Aunty ??? Congrats though," @kkongsammy wrote.

"?????? Miyonsea has been finally zoned ????" @callmeebby wrote.

"NEW ZONE ALERT: NEPHEW ZONE! So Tboss has officially nephew zoned @miyonsea" @alexenoyore wrote.

@mrgreatexpectations wrote: "This @miyonsea you think you are still in BBN house? @officialtboss_ Made it clear that nothing will happen bw you and her. Kuku collect the HBD post and go cook and invite friends let them eat and celebrate with you. Don't be over ambitious, you are a lil boubou to her, and she's auntie to you. Wake up bro. Daydreaming ain't good for fair ppl's health ?"

Miyonsea didn't seem offended by the message. He replied to it, asking TBoss to grant his wish and TBoss also replied. See their exchange below.

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