STORY TIME : The Mistake [Read Here]

He was staring at the picture, his gaze was on it; apparently he was in deep thought. “What are you staring at?” asked one of his friend Sam. He looked at him indifferently, pain was written in his face; he was pensive. Sam took the picture from him, it was a beautiful girl visual.He couldn’t fathom why Ola was perturbed. He (Ola) wanted to say something, he impulsively started weeping bitterly, and moaning some words, “I lost her, I lost her; he narrated the story to Sam. Hmmm, Ola had met a beautiful lady, Funke in school, at that time they were processing their acceptance since they were both admitted into the same institution.

“Where can I get the acceptance card” a sweet voice wafted through his ears as he was meditating on the next step to take after paying the acceptance fee. He looked at her, Funke was a very beautiful girl, she has an innocent facial structure, her apparel seems costly and attractive, her gaits were perfect, and her body structure gave her a way. She would fit in the arabian palace.

She was one of a kind. He looked stunned, though he tried hard to obscure his reaction. But his countenance betrayed him. He then gave her directive on how she could do all that was necessary. He introduce himself to her, she did the same. He had the inclination to get her number, but he felt it was too early, so he didn’t. They both parted ways.

Two weeks into resumption lectures had started fully. Most of the fresher’s had settled down. On a Monday morning, in a noisy class, students were busy talking to one another, chatting, smiling, laughing, most of them were generally having fun as they await the Math lecturer.

Ola was also chatting and catching fun with his clique when his eyes abruptly met the eyes of Funke. He recognize her almost immediately, his heart was much lighter, he so wanted to see her, and he has been looking forward to seeing her in school since the day they met.

Ola orchestrated a way to engage her in a conversation and also gather enough courage to talk to her. He discreetly left his clique without them noticing. He went up to the girl and started a conversation.

The girl barely remembered his appearance, but he made her remember, she thanked him sincerely for the directive he gave her as it made everything easy for her. Subsequently, they became friends, their friendship waxed stronger and stronger each day.

Virtually everyone in class had the impression that they were dating. When they talk, it look as though you would need a ticket to interrupt. The chemistry between them was undeniable, they seemed so compatible.

Their friendship continued, it has grown so strong, they were very comfortable together. They both talked virtually about everything that had to do with them with each other.

Towards the end of the semester Funke was expecting Ola to ask her out after showing the signs that would give Him the confidence to propose. Ola on the other hand liked Funke so much, but some of his friends were saying that Funke is not his standard, that she is not that beautiful, so they tried to match-make him with a girl.

Consequently, Ola was trying to woo the girl in the class that his friends pinpointed. Her name is Cynthia, she comes from a very rich background, her outfit are usually expensive, and she was pretty but arrogant and quite aggressive. So Ola was on her case, just to prove to his friends that he is man enough.

He would always call her, text her and pay her visits frequently, but Cynthia knew in her mind that she couldn’t date Ola; she felt Ola was below her standard. Consequently Ola turned a blind eye to the genuine love Funke had towards him. Funke was getting frustrated, she had refused to date any other guy because of Ola, and Ola wasn’t living up to expectation.

On a Sunday evening Ola was wondering why Funke hasn’t paid him a visit that day, usually Funke usually call at his place after service, and then she would cook and tidy the room.

They would gist for hours and watch movies, korean movie to be specific, Funke’s favorite. He was really missing her. He thought of calling her, he discarded the thought and went straight to her hostel. On reaching her place he met her absence, he couldn’t predict where she could go, because she didn’t have much friends and moreover she isn’t an outgoing type.

Subsequently, he called her phone, after the phone rang twice, Funke picked the call, Ola was asking her where she was, “I am in my boyfriend’s place” she replied. He laughed, he thought it was a gimmick. He hung up.
The next day, which was Monday, was a very busy day.

Ola and Funke both exchange pleasantries and had some chat together. After the class, Ola and his guys went to the cafeteria for lunch, Ola was puzzled to see Funke in the cafeteria with a guy, the guy was tall, his hair pretty dark, he was well dressed in a T-shirt and trouser, he was cool.

He was green with jealously, he couldn’t concentrate; he was just drooling. After the last lecture had ended, he went to meet Funke, and asked her who the guy he saw with her was to her, “he is my boyfriend” she replied, his countenance betrayed him, he was sad.

Not too long her boyfriend interrupted, “Funke whats up “, she introduced Ola to her boyfriend and both of them departed, Ola eyes was fixed at them, he watched them bitterly as they went, until they were out of sight. He was so angry with himself. He went home sad, shook his head in regret.

Ola couldn’t stop thinking about what had transpired, he couldn’t believe Funke would get over him because he knew how much Funke was fond of him. He was gloomy and a pool of tears found comfort in his face. He made up his mind to go after Cynthia wholeheartedly.” after all I can’t lose both of them, I must get one”, he said to himself firmly. He proposed in his heart to finally ask Cynthia out.

The next day after lectures, he went to Cynthia’s hostel. After pouring out his heart to her, telling her sweet words that he had rehearsed in his closet. Ola was anxiously waiting for an answer, his heart was racing like a power bike. He just wanted to hear “Yes”. Whether or not he loved her or not didn’t matter to him.

All he wanted was a “yes”, at least it was going to wane the pain of losing Funke; Cynthia answered “Am sorry Ola, I have a boyfriend already, moreover you are not my type, you are too small; you can’t even afford my undies”. Ola was shocked, he couldn’t believe his ears; he just wanted the ground to swallow him up.

He walked away with shame. “What a big mistake” he muttered hitting his head. He went home and wept profusely.
Go for want you want, our happiness differs, want you want is not necessary what others want.

Don’t let friends set the standard for your happiness, don’t be hazy. Value what you have, hold on to it, guide it jealously. Ola was not matured, be matured, go for want you want. Enjoy your day.

Written By Tosin Oyetayo

( You can contact Tosin On [email protected] )

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