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PLEASE HELP!! She Wouldn't Pick My Calls Again, After I Asked Her This Question

So I've been dating this girl for almost three years now, we hardly get into any quarrel or misunderstanding but something strange happened yesterday when she cane over to my place..

So yesterday was my birthday, I wasn't having much cash on me, so I didn't plan on celebrating it, my phone rang, she called me and said she was coming over.

I arranged my room speedily, when she got to my place, she brought out some snacks and ice cream we talked and laughed, did our normal romance...

She then told me to close my eyes, she dipped her hand inside her bag and brought out a white packaged T- shirt , she then told me to open my eyes. I was excited when she handed it to me, we started romancing for about 30 minutes, and I playfully asked her, how much she got the T shirt, immediately her mood changed, she just stood up collected the t-shirt and left..

I tried stopping her she refused. Now she's not even picking my calls anymore, to make matters last year when she had her birthday she asked me how much the gown I bought for her cost!

And I told her without any sign of anger, this thing dey vex me sha.

Is it a crime to ask your gf/bf/wify/husby how much a present he/she got for you cost?

1 comment:

  1. It is not wise and not good to ask how much the person got the gift, it is a surprise for crying out loud. Go to her house or her parents house and look for her and apologize sincerely.


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