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I Regret Inviting Buhari Into Politics, He Has Wasted Our Time- Katsina APC Chief

A former Senate Majority Whip, Senator Kanti Bello has expressed regrets about introducing and inviting Nigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari into politics.

According to the Katsina APC chief, Buhari's last two years in office has been a waste.
“I really regret it now, because I thought it is going to be better than what we are having now. That’s why I couldn’t speak for two years because you cannot bring somebody and say he is the best, work hard for him and after one year you say he isn’t good. Is it fair?" he said according to Tribune.

“But after two years and looking at it, I can talk. I hope he gets well, comes back and finish his two years. Whichever way, I don’t see much out of it anyway, because the first two years have been wasted, nothing to show for it. My regret is what I would tell the ordinary people I convinced to vote for Buhari.

He also spoke about Buhari seeking office in 2019.

“Let him come back and be well. We pray for him to come back in good health. He has every right to seek for our mandate, but some of us also have a right to look for who will give Nigerians the best", he said.

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