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Hint For Ladies Who Want To Marry This Year But Have No Serious Relationship Yet

1. Start jogging every morning in areas where there are a lot of male joggers too, your future husband might be keeping fit.

2. If you drive, drop your ride occasionally and take a bus or taxi - and respond if the taxi driver is bold enough to ask you a few non-business related questions.
3. Smile back at every guy who smiles at you - it doesn't make you stupid, it shows you're friendly and welcoming.

4. Listen to dating programmes on radio and TV stations, or the good ones and pick up your phone to call-in occasionally.

5. Your colleague could be the solution; so why not humble yourself at your place of work?

6. Attend social gathering and pick the right ones to get you a husband material or you might end up with a player again; you obviously don't want that.

7. If you're active in your religious gathering, pay attention to that member who admires you and encourage him to ask that question - no too dey do holy holy.

8. Seek a change of environment, residence, work place, fellowship, gathering etc - Going to a new environment means you'll meet new people and you'll probably be that missing puzzle to someone.

9. Make use of the social media with caution - if you get this wrong, you might be worse for it - but yes, it works.

10. Go and beg your village people in-case they are the ones doing you - LOL but seriously be sure mend all bad past relationship especially where you were at fault.

11. Don't look down on a man who doesn't have the financial resources now but have financial intelligence and will power to succeed.

12. Visit your trusted friends who have responsible brothers more and be friendly to them.

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