Donald Trump's Tweet on World War III has got everyone Searching Google in fear

 Number of Google searches for 'World War 3' hits its highest ever level following Trump's military escalation in Syria and North Korea  
  Google data reveals people have been obsessed with the idea of worldwide conflict in recent days.

Searches for 'World War 3' hit their highest level since records started in 2004 this month, according to data brought to light by Infowars.

The spikes came following Trump's shock decision to launch cruise missiles against a Syrian regime airbase last week where Russian troops were stationed.

Russia and Iran have since responded by saying the strike crossed a 'red line' adding that if there are any further attacks 'we will respond with force'.

Concerns that the world was heading for all-out war began mounting after Trump launched cruise missile strikes at an Assad airbase in Syria, prompting fears Russia would respondWhile the dust settled over Syria, Trump redirected Carrier Strike Group One, led by the USS Carl Vinson, to the Korean peninsula from a scheduled stop in Australia.

That sparked several days of escalating tensions and a war of words between the President and despotic ruler Kim Jong-un, who denounced the move as 'reckless.'

In response Trump tweeted that the communist nation was 'looking for trouble', again asking China to step in otherwise he would set about solving the issue himself.

Xi Jinping, the Chinese premier, then moved 150,000 troops to the North Korean border in anticipation of a flood of refugees should Trump choose to strike.

The last time people were this interested in the subject of war seems to be July 2006, when North Korea carried out a set of long-range missile tests.

That was the same month 206 people lost their lives in the hotel attack in Mumbai, India, carried out by a group of terrorists, and when the second Hezbollah-Israel war took place. 

Do you think the war is inevitable following Trump's action and utterances ? pls lets have your views on this topic

Donald Trump's Tweet on World War III has got everyone Searching Google in fear Donald Trump's Tweet on World War III has got everyone Searching Google in fear Reviewed by getitrightnigerians on 07:28:00 Rating: 5

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